There are no rewards for diming your light. 

Happy Thursday Blessed Beings!! Last week we touched on the concept of living the highest version of yourself, and going full throttle has everything to do with that. We often go through life with the brakes on, we try not to accelerate too much in case we crash and burn. Its my present intention to […]

Born Again,Again and Again…

Greetings fellow earthlings!! 😄 I am so excited to be back, we all understand the concept of growth and the importance of innovation. I am pleased to say that this round of posts are best prepared with a fortified impact and purpose.  I would like to address the matter of being the highest version of […]

I threw up superficial…found my truth 

​ MissP is missP he said, like its abundantly available to him at his request, so why u bugging me? 😃 Dickly is dickly she said, like he meant nothing to her, trying to uphold today’s Rihanna and yesterdays Marilyn Monroe steeze of being savage with these men…they taught us well. 🙄 You chose who […]

​Strength Learns to Respect Weakness 

Weakness ignited bad reactions to my senses, it seemed so helpless so frail, and pathetic. I guess it made me feel strong as a person that I felt this way about weakness because…Emotions reflect weakness impulses or strength impulses, I respect the mortal being that learns the art of controlling their emotions and yet knows […]