Why learn to control your thoughts
When you control your thoughts, your life makes sense. Thoughts are things of scattered ideas, memories, and observations. When you teach yourself to be in the present, think in the present, live in the present, a sense of calm comes over you, because let’s face, now is all that exists, and your now is what creates your tomorrow. It’s very easy to get lost in thought, and that is when you think based on what you see and hear, and that creates more of what you’re observing. Having more control over your thought life can help you achieve control over your life and not just reacting but responding with intent to situations. The difference between reacting and responding to situations is, if you find yourself treated unfairly, you can in that space to choose to either express yourself in anger in the moment or take in the emotions and take it out on somebody else or responding and being present, and finding the best way to respond to get what it is that you are wanting. 

When you respond to situations and people presently, you make better choices better then. You ensure that you do not hear no as a final result, especially when it’s something you really want, Yes, should be the vibrational pathway you are focusing on.



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