Blue Watch 

As i picked you up,  with a broken belt, a thought crossed my mind,  and i remembered that the present can tell you what you ‘have’ to do,  and the future can tell you what you want to do. 

I look at my present and i see just want i want out of life and just what to appreciate about what I’ve created so far… 

I get inspiration from growth and development,  and this blue watch told me that I’m an hour behind,  and so i just adjusted it to tell me what i wanted it to tell me…

Realizing that time is,  something you adjust to your and natures preference, everything happens as it should,  everything will happen as you create,  everything happens as cause and effect of thought creation and God/The Universe has given us choice and “Time” to use it to the best of our ability or not ,  to adjust it to our preference or not,  for we are beings and us just being here is an expansion of God living with and through us.
Blue watch reminded me that there is a time for everything and that even the imperfections of the present can be adjusted by us,  because time is a tool we created not something that exists, but something that just is.


3 thoughts on “Blue Watch 

  1. Took my watch out the freezer,
    To the discovery that all this time its been ticking,
    Attesting its reputation to wait for no man,
    Releasing me to the laws of attraction.
    With broken ego,
    Shattered trust,
    Fabricated title deed in hand,
    Affected with paralysis, I observe,
    Baryonic matter,its atoms and sub atomic matter
    Which I had considered to be mine, stopped,
    Instantly removing its angular momentum,
    As the tidal forces of the moon were no more..
    By T.Ntshabela

    We forget that time is a state of mind. We forcus so much on the time instead of the quality of life spent within that time, before we know it we are victims of that state of mind and time is up.


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