Honesty is the best policy for you

  • 😇 Happy Sunday 

5 thoughts on “Honesty is the best policy for you

  1. The element and concept of honesty is probably the scariest as a person will have nothing to hide behind/excuses.

    An abusive husband would have to admit fault in themselves, a murderer weakness in their initial lie or thought, a drug addict would have to admit flaws in what they think makes them happy, a slut in your e.g admitting they do not understand the concept of true love, or understanding of themselves and as to what they want, and furthermore all humanity would have to admit their is a greater power, One which governs with a person being liable for actions.

    Honesty is a beautiful concept, however it is a big concept that can only be understood by the brave and those with the mental capacity to let go of all control. Yes it is the best policy but are we big enough for the concept


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