Be Still

Be still and know who God is!  Endless times when I made choices in pressured times,some good, others not so good, and ended up with a big mess on my lap at the end of the day. Thankfully, the Universe made this world in such a way that we learn valuable lessons from our mistakes […]

The Golden Rule

I ​always make it a point to treat people right, or at least have good intentions… No matter how another may treat you, don’t change treating people right or at least having good intentions… Look out for your soul, not ego  Blog :  

Life is ying yang

Everyone is extraordinary, because they are unique, no two people are alike and life does not work out for everyone, the same way. Thus I encourage people to look into themselves when they take on the advice of others. Seeking assistance is good but if what you are receiving does not resonate with you,  keep […]