Embrace Change, The best thing about life is its unpredictable nature

January has this energy of thing’s changing, it’s like the shuffling of a deck of cards at the beginning of the year or putting together pieces of a new puzzle. 

Not sure if it’s just my attraction point, but I’m surrounded by people who are going through massive changes in their lives, including myself. I realized that each of us take these changes in differently.Its always nerve wrecking, no matter how spiritual you are, change is new and you never know what to expect, but the one who realizes that change is occurring for them, embraces it. 

Whatever you reap, you will most definitely sow it , it’s the law of nature, think positive , and watch how gracefully you live through the changes in your life. I believe in a God that does not punish, but One that teaches lessons, one that understands pain cause he created it, not to hurt you, but to teach us just how strong we are , how godly we are and can be through Faith( absolute belief of things not yet seen).

Personally I love the surprises life has thrown my way , I understand that for some people they would like to plan every detail of how things should be but, lossen up a bit because sometimes you cause yourself more pain obsessing about things you can’t control, like the depature of someone on earth (death), or losing a job or divorce. 

Learn to embrace change and create new and unheard of stories of how you made the best out of what you have and let the Universe/God lead you to greater,prosperous, happier places.

Appreciate, love, laugh, live 

Happy Thursday 🙂


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