Be Still

Be still and know who God is! 

Endless times when I made choices in pressured times,some good, others not so good, and ended up with a big mess on my lap at the end of the day.

Thankfully, the Universe made this world in such a way that we learn valuable lessons from our mistakes and one of those lessons I’ve learnt is that, we have to be still before making (especially) major decisions in life.

We should be driven by a powerful force behind us, with us, running through us as we move through doubts ,fears, intimation and other opposing factors that try to deter you from your path.

Being still allows you to tap into your intuition/holy spirit/ inner voice/gut feeling , basically a higher power that knows absolutely what you want and how you will get it most effectively. Trust it , absolutely ,and enjoy the ride. 

Afrerall, life is the music, and you are the dance that moves with it.

Keep it stepping! 


5 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. Much truth in that, and in addition, one needs to be in a place of peace with ones self. For example, when Jesus told the sea to be still. He could only command it because of the peace He had in Him. More often we forget that before we were flesh we are spirit. We exercise our body’s and leave of our spiritual beings under fed and out of shape. We do not understand or hear that voice because we are to busy, or in your idea, we are never still.

    So yes we do need to be still and the road to that would be one beginning with peace with ourselves, that will lead us to a clearer more audible listen to that Voice that prompts us to be still.

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