Define Your Value 

Defining your value as a person is important…because that will decide how the world will treat you.

I am an advocate for the phrase’go with the flow because you can’t always predict what will happen but i have learnt that you have to determine what you want and expect to receive that and more from people, from life.

Reason : The energy you give off to people is the same energy that will result in how they will choose to treat or react to you…therefore, you have to direct your expectations like a person in control of their lives or the other will decide for you, and you might not like it.

So: You can’t control every detail of your life, but make the best out of what you do have control over, your thoughts, your feelings and how you respond to situations and people.

Method : 

– Write down in point form 10 good qualities that define who you are to your 6 year old self ( Try this while looking at an old picture of yourself to help encourage emotion to this method).  Eg :” I am that one person people can always count on at work, your mom is great”.ūüėĄ

-Choose one quality from this list that you feel is unique only to you, and USE it as your power supply ( inner home in yourself ), knowing absolutely that this is your strength and excert that confidence in every area of your life. 

My book ( yet to be published ) , focuses on encouraging my readers to really block the noise of society and find their own unique voice , find their flow and in turn live a life they will never regret not having LIVED. 

Some people cannot say no to save themselves, some take it as far as living a compelete life having allowed everyone from family to friends to make choices for them, not because they’re such nice people, but because they have not learnt to value their time, their energy and themselves. 

One day at a time, with refined thoughts and actions, you can change how people react and treat you, one situation / crisis at a time people will see the change in you and the recognize your self development. 

Trust yourself, trust your journey and remember, you are never alone, there is a higher power that knows you beyond the worlds opinion of you…

Unfaithful to Thyself

I  understand that people are obessively concerned about  being cheated on or cheating and being caught. Seems as if no one is concerned about cheating on themselves in the process. 

What do i mean?

I mean the unfairness we place upon ourselves…having all these hopes for a great love affair but end up in dramatic love affairs or lifeless safe relationships simply because we have done what many of us are guilty of doing, settling.

Unfaithful to ourselves because we’ve placed limits to our happiness and our potential. We’ve put others on pedistals and in the process making themselves inferior to their romantic counter paths( women especially). 

I can’t tell anyone what is best for them especially since i’ve been in such situations myself…the point of this piece is to bring nothing but awareness to yourself and the choices you make against your best interest.

Love yourself enough to choose nothing but the best for yourself because you deserve nothing less. Whether others see it or not, you have to stick to that belief because you get what you accept in life.

Everyday is a new chance to choose…choose you! 

How deep is your love for yourself

We understand love at its best when it has been tested in the face of unforgivness. When you have absolutely every reason not to show love or compassion, but still choose to do so. 

The ability to love yourself like that is the ultimate for me because that way, you get to make the best choices from an unconditional love for yourself stance.

Yourself is not perfect by always getting it right, yourself is not being exactly where you think you should be in life by now, yourself is not caring for everyone else but yourself because you want people’s approval, Yourself is not the regrets you have in your life you wish you could go back and change things, things are the way they are, accept them and move on … What happens after every ‘perminant’ change that occurs in your life is a new story to tell,you write the ending. 

Yourself is all these things and more and understanding that you are perfect, just the way you are and who you growing into becoming, depends on you understanding yourself,and loving your faults because they make you , you. Different is your gift, darkness and light make up the the days of our lives and they make you. Accept it , love it , and create the best version of yourself, not the best version of what people want you to be . 

The greatest love affair you will ever have is with yourself, explore every angle and never settle , never let fear or lack of faith in yourself cause you to settle for anything less than what you want in life. Let yourself be guided by the God that lives in you , and LIVE.