Unfaithful to Thyself

I  understand that people are obessively concerned about  being cheated on or cheating and being caught. Seems as if no one is concerned about cheating on themselves in the process. 

What do i mean?

I mean the unfairness we place upon ourselves…having all these hopes for a great love affair but end up in dramatic love affairs or lifeless safe relationships simply because we have done what many of us are guilty of doing, settling.

Unfaithful to ourselves because we’ve placed limits to our happiness and our potential. We’ve put others on pedistals and in the process making themselves inferior to their romantic counter paths( women especially). 

I can’t tell anyone what is best for them especially since i’ve been in such situations myself…the point of this piece is to bring nothing but awareness to yourself and the choices you make against your best interest.

Love yourself enough to choose nothing but the best for yourself because you deserve nothing less. Whether others see it or not, you have to stick to that belief because you get what you accept in life.

Everyday is a new chance to choose…choose you! 


12 thoughts on “Unfaithful to Thyself

  1. After reading this I am going to appreciate my space and the people I choose to associate with. I will not settle for anything less than perfection from me or the next person


  2. The saddest fact is that cheating does not only cheat the person being cheated on, moreover it also cheats the person doing the cheating. The question then arises how, we’ll simple thing is if I cheat on you I might never find the right one again. That is why the cheater always returns to the cheated. Was it worth is the answer is simply no. Song cry by Jay Z,no sill not Jacob Zuma lol, Jigga put it simple “once a good girls gone bad, she’s gone forever, now I got to live with the fact I did you wrong forever”. So not only have you cheater yourself out of the partner that would’ve made you the center of their universe, but also cheated someone out of the fairy tale. Your massage hits deep, and anybody who has ever love will relate, don’t cheat yourself, don’t be unfaithful to yourself by being unfaithful. Cheating is joy in a second, faithfulness is joy of a life time. Be faithful to yourself by being faithful to your partner!


  3. But i have to say that being unfaithful is unacceptable if yiu have agreed to be faithful to someone and honest if you slip up…im just saying dont put yourself in a postions whereby being faithful will be a job or an effort instead of willingly and sacred…


  4. Hi bdalamba, thank you for liking my post and I just started to write a blog a couple of days ago 😁 and I just read a few of your post and I have to say you are an inspiration with so much thoughts of your own. Be who you are and believe in yourself. I feel the strong independent woman that you are reading what you had written. Much love, jessiewuvs 💁🏻 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  5. 😊 you are an absolute angel ! I will be looking forward to more of your inspiring posts in the future 😜 and thank you for the warm welcome ! Much love, jessiewuvs 💁🏻💕


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