Conscious Love:Addiction 

Amazing girl, the one that will love you unconditionally, one that finds your problems so interesting ,like a science project she’ll always aim to Ace, no matter how long it takes. 

The one you treat like a doormate until you walk away and actually realize she had your best interests at heart, and come back to. The one who will always understand you but you can’t have anymore because she finally got you to fall in love with her.

There she goes, in love with another broken amazing guy. Putting all her energy into making another complex relationship work, instead of focusing on real life missions like building  an empire like you and fortifying her strengths.

Addicted to love? 

No,  addicted to running away from herself, the intensity of a new relationship has the equal effect of cocaine ( I can imagine ). Excitement they call it, a great high, and that includes the lows from the drama.


Will amazing girl finally pick a suitor she finally will commit to? Will she stay in love with a guy that loves her beyond her expectations or will she find reasons why he will be better off without her?

Does amazing girl actually want a happy ending in this lifetime or is she fixated with the idea of being the amazing girl against her emotionally unavailable , or overly emotional suitor.

Choose to give the kind of love that will most likely make you a better person, a person you consciously choose to be. Best of all, love yourself so much that the person you choose may be your best choice in the universe, according to your vision for yourself. Keeping in mind that no one is perfect, only perfect for you. 

Amazing girl is learning to love, in different forms and is loving beyond familiar territory, life is a journey, she just has to learn the art of maximizing the  love for herself before she gives to others, only then I believe can the love she gives be pure and life changing. 

Not everyone will have a happily ever after story, but everyone gets what they focus on the most, the trick is to conciously choose to focus on something they actually want and live it.

Happy Saturday 😚😊…Love, Live, Laugh 


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