Racism is a defense mechanism 

Dear readers, I am a South African female, you know, the country known for humanism which is the legacy left by Nelson Mandela and his fellow comrades during the apartheid era.

I see color, my brain reactive brain sorts out differences and makes sense of things by grouping them, but when it comes to human beings, I dont see how you can maintain separating human being based on the color of their skins. 

From skin tone, to race to which country you come from. All these things we put labels on are nothing but defense mechanisms. 

Afraid of the different!

Human beings have an internal fear of things that are different to them. 

I mean, notice how when  you have something in common with the person ” different to you”, you forget predujice in that moment? 

Psychology studies have shown that people get along with people they have similarities with, regardless of race or country of origin. They would rather have a conversation with someone they get along with than someone of their race/gender/country of origin/skin tone ect.

My point here is, the people who took advantage of this fact hundreds of years ago, succeeded in seperating human beings long enough to encourage the differences and discourage the similarities. 

Think for yourself and be the best version of yourself, dont carry on the the legacy of inferiority or superiority. We all here for different reasons and should do our best to live in a manner we are proud of, not ruled by fears, not ruled by anything … just being the best at life, your life😄!


Miss B Dalamba 

Nominated Liebster blogger award!

Thank you jessiewuvs 😄😘


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