Its okay

​Seth: “It is self-defeating, therefore, to blame yourself for mistakes, so-called, simply because in the light of your present development they are seen as less developed acts than those to which you now aspire.
Whenever you catch yourself disapproving of yourself for past mistakes, read  these passages. Do not check on yourself all the time.
Trust that you will learn what you want to learn as automatically as you once  learned to read or speak, or as automatically as you think.
In your realm of reality; mistakes are a part of the learning process. 
They do not even seem to be mistakes until you are “at the next level” of  development, or a step higher in your understanding–as when, say, in the sixth grade you looked back and saw a page of your own childish lettering done at the age of five.
I realize it is difficult to understand at times, but even your so-called  mistakes have many far-reaching beneficial results that do not show in an isolated fashion.
They may add to your understanding of yourself and others. They may be applied beneficially in entirely different areas of your life–so stop disapproving of yourself, of your “mistakes.”
Try to set your goals and to trust that the proper impulses will come to you to  bring them about and that others will be disposed in your direction, for their own reasons.
In the meantime, try to live in the present as much as possible. Do not  undervalue or overvalue yourself.”
Seth, session 917
Jane Roberts © L.Butts, from Sethquotes…


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