I want to love, like…

I want to love like, for real, love like thats all that exists, love like thats all I can give. 

I don’t want to love like obsession, or possession but love like I am the reason you become a sucess. I want to love to encourage you to love yourself more than I can love you. 

I want to love so real that when I depart from this body one day that my love can still be felt, a love that is immortal, one that creates a world of wonder and joy. 

I want to love beyond physicality, through pain, in success, there is a presence in the universe that allows for this love to exist, I’ve heard that it makes the world go round.

There’s a lot I may not know about life, which is great because I am living and loving my path and growth, mostly I love the kind of love I am blessed with from all sides, from strangers to family and friends on my journey. 

What are you thankful for, how would you describe your love language and expression. 

A huge part of love is loving both good and bad in yourself and others, are you at a point in life where you can do that? 

I want to love like life is a game that is meant to be fun and we engage in it at full throttle. 

I wish you love at its best and your truly self defined idea success and purpose ❤😄😋


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