Noxolo Moni ❤

Early days of what made Busi ” cool ” Noxolo was a part of it, i dont think i know anyone else who had the same taste in boyfriends than i did( as teens  ) 😋.

When i look at my friends, my cousins, as i grew up knowing them to be  , i had the best the childhood any person can dream of, as the fairytale goes, we grew apart.  Time shed light and we really tried to make things right and good again…girl even tried to hook me up with a potential once upon a time in my broken hearted times, haha…she really wanted to see me happy. 

Your life has taught me strength, resilience and absolute toughness i dont know many people that would have even tried to carry on after what you had been through, but you did.It hurts so much that you have left us, which is even sadder because i took your presence on earth for granted, mostly because i thought we’d always have time to make up. 

Thats all i ever wanted from my family, for them to live abundantly. I’ve seen so much pain, struggle and dissatisfaction, i pray…no i command a better life  and circumstance for all of us, and all who truly seek it! 

You deserved more than you got, and now you will possess more than you could ever dream of, because i know you are in the best of hands. 

Thank you for being you, thank you for adding joy to this world and thank you for your love, that you shared! 

From the bottom of my heart, I love you❤!

Go well sis wethu…we will always love you and  your soul’s presence will forever be in our hearts ❤😔😔 …


3 thoughts on “Noxolo Moni ❤

  1. This is so heart breaking. Its hard to accept death, as inevitable as it is. Gone so young. God always takes his best first. May she rest in peace.

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