​The Darker Side of Truth 

Honesty is the best policy they say, I think it’s true, what I doubt is that it brings peace to minds of those who think the truth is bright and beautiful. 
The truth hurts they say, see…now we are getting somewhere. The truth has a bad habit of hitting your guts with the reality of what’s really going on, as opposed to what you would like to think is going on. 

I am a first hand victim to what this line of thinking can do to you, now I am an undergrad graduate due to the lessons I’ve learnt 😊 . Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to face the truth head on and in the mist of ‘what is’ you can consciously be aware of what is going on and make better choices.

The Truth will set you free,they say… oh I bet you it will. The misconception here is that it is perceived that ‘the good people’ of the world are honest, now now, we know that’s a lie, good people lie a lot to maintain their ‘good person image’. I’ve noticed how when a someone cheats in a relationship, or someone has a huge secret they can’t bear to keep to themselves, they tell the truth to ease their guilt, is about the, not the other person, ‘as they claim’, but ay…I could be wrong, but think about it. In no way am I excusing those who are hurtful and spiteful to others and claim that ‘they just honest, people should take it and should be strong enough to handle it’. 

The power of truth is born within the intent. I once heard someone say, being nice is fake, you know, how white folks fake smile you when you meet them in the corridors or the elevator? Yes, being kind on the other hand, is real, its genuine. 

I choose to be a truth teller with the intent to become a better person, not at the expense of others misery but rather the profit of my growth.  


5 thoughts on “​The Darker Side of Truth 

  1. Am I wrong to say taking from your view of the dark side of the truth, that there is time amd place to be truthful and a lie is not as bad as people make it out to be?


  2. Beautiful piece. What I love about the truth, from what you said; you can’t break it, it is what it is, but lies can save you, especially if you value something that’s at stake. People lose a lot when they tell the truth,, especially when they are cornered.. It does set people free,, but at what cost? In terms of relationships; Who does a man love more: the woman he lies too or the woman he tells the truth to?


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