​Strength Learns to Respect Weakness 

Weakness ignited bad reactions to my senses, it seemed so helpless so frail, and pathetic. I guess it made me feel strong as a person that I felt this way about weakness because…Emotions reflect weakness impulses or strength impulses, I respect the mortal being that learns the art of controlling their emotions and yet knows how to balance that with knowing when to let go of those emotions.

Strength betrayed me when I met this girl, I saw her strength and admired it, she had a beautiful smile, bold personality, had so much joy and love to give. Until I saw the darkness she held on to from within. She was so good at being put together that when she put her mask down, her weakness screamed out at her and refused to be ignored. Right there…the one thing we ran away from when we faced with people, facing you aggressively confident.

Strangely enough the more hidden, the more powerful it becomes.

Pain was forced on to her and I couldn’t embrace strength in the face of seeing her pilled up pain forced to sync in with the her happy mask.The cruel expectation to be okay when you’re not just to make other people comfortable , other people including your own parents and friends.

Her strength was portrayed for the world to see, not her, so whats to admire?

They say the one who is brave enough to show raw emotion has true strength. I believe having the courage to be aware of your raw emotions show true courage, way ahead of masking your pain and acting like everything is okay when you’re not.

Strength learns to respect weakness because they can both learn something in each other


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