Define Your Value 

Defining your value as a person is important…because that will decide how the world will treat you.

I am an advocate for the phrase’go with the flow because you can’t always predict what will happen but i have learnt that you have to determine what you want and expect to receive that and more from people, from life.

Reason : The energy you give off to people is the same energy that will result in how they will choose to treat or react to you…therefore, you have to direct your expectations like a person in control of their lives or the other will decide for you, and you might not like it.

So: You can’t control every detail of your life, but make the best out of what you do have control over, your thoughts, your feelings and how you respond to situations and people.

Method : 

– Write down in point form 10 good qualities that define who you are to your 6 year old self ( Try this while looking at an old picture of yourself to help encourage emotion to this method).  Eg :” I am that one person people can always count on at work, your mom is great”.ūüėĄ

-Choose one quality from this list that you feel is unique only to you, and USE it as your power supply ( inner home in yourself ), knowing absolutely that this is your strength and excert that confidence in every area of your life. 

My book ( yet to be published ) , focuses on encouraging my readers to really block the noise of society and find their own unique voice , find their flow and in turn live a life they will never regret not having LIVED. 

Some people cannot say no to save themselves, some take it as far as living a compelete life having allowed everyone from family to friends to make choices for them, not because they’re such nice people, but because they have not learnt to value their time, their energy and themselves. 

One day at a time, with refined thoughts and actions, you can change how people react and treat you, one situation / crisis at a time people will see the change in you and the recognize your self development. 

Trust yourself, trust your journey and remember, you are never alone, there is a higher power that knows you beyond the worlds opinion of you…

Unfaithful to Thyself

I  understand that people are obessively concerned about  being cheated on or cheating and being caught. Seems as if no one is concerned about cheating on themselves in the process. 

What do i mean?

I mean the unfairness we place upon ourselves…having all these hopes for a great love affair but end up in dramatic love affairs or lifeless safe relationships simply because we have done what many of us are guilty of doing, settling.

Unfaithful to ourselves because we’ve placed limits to our happiness and our potential. We’ve put others on pedistals and in the process making themselves inferior to their romantic counter paths( women especially). 

I can’t tell anyone what is best for them especially since i’ve been in such situations myself…the point of this piece is to bring nothing but awareness to yourself and the choices you make against your best interest.

Love yourself enough to choose nothing but the best for yourself because you deserve nothing less. Whether others see it or not, you have to stick to that belief because you get what you accept in life.

Everyday is a new chance to choose…choose you! 

How deep is your love for yourself

We understand love at its best when it has been tested in the face of unforgivness. When you have absolutely every reason not to show love or compassion, but still choose to do so. 

The ability to love yourself like that is the ultimate for me because that way, you get to make the best choices from an unconditional love for yourself stance.

Yourself is not perfect by always getting it right, yourself is not being exactly where you think you should be in life by now, yourself is not caring for everyone else but yourself because you want people’s approval, Yourself is not the regrets you have in your life you wish you could go back and change things, things are the way they are, accept them and move on … What happens after every ‘perminant’ change that occurs in your life is a new story to tell,you write the ending. 

Yourself is all these things and more and understanding that you are perfect, just the way you are and who you growing into becoming, depends on you understanding yourself,and loving your faults because they make you , you. Different is your gift, darkness and light make up the the days of our lives and they make you. Accept it , love it , and create the best version of yourself, not the best version of what people want you to be . 

The greatest love affair you will ever have is with yourself, explore every angle and never settle , never let fear or lack of faith in yourself cause you to settle for anything less than what you want in life. Let yourself be guided by the God that lives in you , and LIVE.

Be Still

Be still and know who God is! 

Endless times when I made choices in pressured times,some good, others not so good, and ended up with a big mess on my lap at the end of the day.

Thankfully, the Universe made this world in such a way that we learn valuable lessons from our mistakes and one of those lessons I’ve learnt is that, we have to be still before making (especially) major decisions in life.

We should be driven by a powerful force behind us, with us, running through us as we move through doubts ,fears, intimation and other opposing factors that try to deter you from your path.

Being still allows you to tap into your intuition/holy spirit/ inner voice/gut feeling , basically a higher power that knows absolutely what you want and how you will get it most effectively. Trust it , absolutely ,and enjoy the ride. 

Afrerall, life is the music, and you are the dance that moves with it.

Keep it stepping! 

Embrace Change, The best thing about life is its unpredictable nature

January has this energy of thing’s changing, it’s like the shuffling of a deck of cards at the beginning of the year or putting together pieces of a new puzzle. 

Not sure if it’s just my attraction point, but I’m surrounded by people who are going through massive changes in their lives, including myself. I realized that each of us take these changes in differently.Its always nerve wrecking, no matter how spiritual you are, change is new and you never know what to expect, but the one who realizes that change is occurring for them, embraces it. 

Whatever you reap, you will most definitely sow it , it’s the law of nature, think positive , and watch how gracefully you live through the changes in your life. I believe in a God that does not punish, but One that teaches lessons, one that understands pain cause he created it, not to hurt you, but to teach us just how strong we are , how godly we are and can be through Faith( absolute belief of things not yet seen).

Personally I love the surprises life has thrown my way , I understand that for some people they would like to plan every detail of how things should be but, lossen up a bit because sometimes you cause yourself more pain obsessing about things you can’t control, like the depature of someone on earth (death), or losing a job or divorce. 

Learn to embrace change and create new and unheard of stories of how you made the best out of what you have and let the Universe/God lead you to greater,prosperous, happier places.

Appreciate, love, laugh, live 

Happy Thursday ūüôā

The Golden Rule

I ‚Äčalways make it a point to treat people right, or at least have good intentions…

No matter how another may treat you, don’t change treating people right or at least having good intentions…

Look out for your soul, not ego 

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Life is ying yang

Everyone is extraordinary, because they are unique, no two people are alike and life does not work out for everyone, the same way.

Thus I encourage people to look into themselves when they take on the advice of others. Seeking assistance is good but if what you are receiving does not resonate with you,  keep searching, because no one knows your path better than You and your God and your  Guides.

Life is full of cross roads, where honestly you do not know if it’s time to quit, or be persistent or try new strategies, but those answers always lie from within and the clarity of what you want as an altimate outcome. 

Learn to invest in yourself, in your strength, and recognize your weaknesses , use these moments to understand the kind of person you can become when crisis hits and learn valuable lessons from them, instead of drawing up reasonable excuses to not succeed.

Breakthroughs to the next level of your life, are different for each person, but one thing they all have in common, is they had to have faith and a clear vision to how they wanted their lives to be.

Pain is a gift, the kind of gift nobody willingly wants, but needs to shape our character in this ying yang life.

Remember, the good and the bad is created by God for a reason, what that reason is in your own life, is for you to figure out but don’t let it be the reason you don’t move forward in your extraordinary life. You are special because you were born, figure out why and get on with the business of living it. 

Happy Sunday Blessed Beings  

Mind your own business

Your New Year’s resolution should make minding your own business a necessity.

It’s  very easy to get distracted by looking into the lives of others, admiring, judging, making talking about other’s progress or downfall a habit.

Not saying it’s bad or good, maybe it  works for you…

What I am saying is that if you are not happy with your own life, pay more attention to it, like , spend more of your data developing yourself, with different ways available to do just that, eg, personal growth blogs( like mine) haha , reading books of interest, for love, money, business, family, ect…

Life is beautiful, and you are or rather should be the driver of your own life. It’s not always easy ,yes but the ultimate point of life, for me personally, is to live to the absolute best.

I knew when I checked my data usage at a time i wanted change in my life, that it mostly went to Facebook and Twitter , that I wasn’t being attentive to my own life, more focused on others…I diverted 

So friends, be aware if where you are and where you want to go and mind your own business, on your journey…

It’l be a clear and bliss one… ūüôā

No story to tell, just facts

  • The main point of this blog is to be the voice that reminds people that they have a say in what happens in their lives, they can choose thoughts and beliefs and therefore actions, that serve them.

Eg, if you’ve always believed that you have to suffer to get the things that you want in life, then the idea that great things can happen to you and through you, probably will seem far fetched, and feel like it won’t last or ‘too good to be true'( kind of like being alive is too good to be true, but you choosing not to appreciate it) 

Another person could believe that they are worthy of wonderful things flowing into their existence , and they appreciate these things as they come and the idea of having to suffer to get everything they want ,is a thought they don’t entertain

  • We can pick and choose how we see things and it’s okay. In fact it’s great to question they way things ‘have  always been done’ as long as you know that you have the freedom to choose thoughts, feelings and actions that serve you.