I want to love, like…

I want to love like, for real, love like thats all that exists, love like thats all I can give.  I don’t want to love like obsession, or possession but love like I am the reason you become a sucess. I want to love to encourage you to love yourself more than I can love […]

Its okay

​Seth: “It is self-defeating, therefore, to blame yourself for mistakes, so-called, simply because in the light of your present development they are seen as less developed acts than those to which you now aspire. Whenever you catch yourself disapproving of yourself for past mistakes, read  these passages. Do not check on yourself all the time. […]

Racism is a defense mechanism 

Dear readers, I am a South African female, you know, the country known for humanism which is the legacy left by Nelson Mandela and his fellow comrades during the apartheid era. I see color, my brain reactive brain sorts out differences and makes sense of things by grouping them, but when it comes to human […]

Conscious Love:Addiction 

Amazing girl, the one that will love you unconditionally, one that finds your problems so interesting ,like a science project she’ll always aim to Ace, no matter how long it takes.  The one you treat like a doormate until you walk away and actually realize she had your best interests at heart, and come back […]

Define Your Value 

Defining your value as a person is important…because that will decide how the world will treat you. I am an advocate for the phrase’go with the flow because you can’t always predict what will happen but i have learnt that you have to determine what you want and expect to receive that and more from […]

Unfaithful to Thyself

I  understand that people are obessively concerned about  being cheated on or cheating and being caught. Seems as if no one is concerned about cheating on themselves in the process.  What do i mean? I mean the unfairness we place upon ourselves…having all these hopes for a great love affair but end up in dramatic […]

How deep is your love for yourself

We understand love at its best when it has been tested in the face of unforgivness. When you have absolutely every reason not to show love or compassion, but still choose to do so.  The ability to love yourself like that is the ultimate for me because that way, you get to make the best […]