Everyday is of your own creation 

I first came across the idea of the power of now,  from Echart Tolle,  from his books: A  New Earth, from this book, i learnt that there lies emense power in our now.  When someone said to me,  you wont have it then,  if can’t do it now,  i never understood,  because i felt limited by that statement,  to me it sounded as if the person saying it to me did not understand my current circumstances. After reading The Power of now,  i understand the importance of thoughts,  and actions in the now. They are all that exist,  we become victims of procrastination and failure,  if we do not understand that it is in the now that we create our future.  
From the hundreds of biographies and documentaries of admirable people in their different field sections,  i’ve come to realize that there are two type of people in the world.  1. Those who have challenges but spend most of their days preparing for their success,  refining and developing their skills . 2 Those who have challenges but spend most of their days waiting for someone to save them and complain about how hard things are. 
The more i learn about people,  and those we consider a success, to a large extent,  the more i realize that my problems weren’t really as bad as i thought,  and if people who had gone through worse,  can make it to where they are today,  and keep growing strong,  who am i to not reach those heights. There are people,  like Jim Carry that imagined beyond most,  about being a highly paid comedian,  in a time of critical financial troubles at home. Where i am from , financial trouble meant getting any job to get by,  dreams arent anything to live by. He did it,  and that’s my idea of creating each day towards your ‘ over night success ‘, absolute faith!



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