Mind your own business

Your New Year’s resolution should make minding your own business a necessity.

It’s  very easy to get distracted by looking into the lives of others, admiring, judging, making talking about other’s progress or downfall a habit.

Not saying it’s bad or good, maybe it  works for you…

What I am saying is that if you are not happy with your own life, pay more attention to it, like , spend more of your data developing yourself, with different ways available to do just that, eg, personal growth blogs( like mine) haha , reading books of interest, for love, money, business, family, ect…

Life is beautiful, and you are or rather should be the driver of your own life. It’s not always easy ,yes but the ultimate point of life, for me personally, is to live to the absolute best.

I knew when I checked my data usage at a time i wanted change in my life, that it mostly went to Facebook and Twitter , that I wasn’t being attentive to my own life, more focused on others…I diverted 

So friends, be aware if where you are and where you want to go and mind your own business, on your journey…

It’l be a clear and bliss one… ūüôā

No story to tell, just facts

  • The main point of this blog is to be the voice that reminds people that they have a say in what happens in their lives, they can choose thoughts and beliefs and therefore actions, that serve them.

Eg, if you’ve always believed that you have to suffer to get the things that you want in life, then the idea that great things can happen to you and through you, probably will seem far fetched, and feel like it won’t last or ‘too good to be true'( kind of like being alive is too good to be true, but you choosing not to appreciate it) 

Another person could believe that they are worthy of wonderful things flowing into their existence , and they appreciate these things as they come and the idea of having to suffer to get everything they want ,is a thought they don’t entertain

  • We can pick and choose how we see things and it’s okay. In fact it’s great to question they way things ‘have  always been done’ as long as you know that you have the freedom to choose thoughts, feelings and actions that serve you.


Blue Watch 

As i picked you up,  with a broken belt, a thought crossed my mind,  and i remembered that the present can tell you what you ‘have’ to do,  and the future can tell you what you want to do. 

I look at my present and i see just want i want out of life and just what to appreciate about what I’ve created so far… 

I get inspiration from growth and development,  and this blue watch told me that I’m an hour behind,  and so i just adjusted it to tell me what i wanted it to tell me…

Realizing that time is,  something you adjust to your and natures preference, everything happens as it should,  everything will happen as you create,  everything happens as cause and effect of thought creation and God/The Universe has given us choice and “Time” to use it to the best of our ability or not ,  to adjust it to our preference or not,  for we are beings and us just being here is an expansion of God living with and through us.
Blue watch reminded me that there is a time for everything and that even the imperfections of the present can be adjusted by us,  because time is a tool we created not something that exists, but something that just is.

Everyday is of your own creation 

I first came across the idea of the power of now,  from Echart Tolle,  from his books: A  New Earth, from this book, i learnt that there lies emense power in our now.  When someone said to me,  you wont have it then,  if can’t do it now,  i never understood,  because i felt limited by that statement,  to me it sounded as if the person saying it to me did not understand my current circumstances. After reading The Power of now,  i understand the importance of thoughts,  and actions in the now. They are all that exist,  we become victims of procrastination and failure,  if we do not understand that it is in the now that we create our future.  
From the hundreds of biographies and documentaries of admirable people in their different field sections,  i’ve come to realize that there are two type of people in the world.  1. Those who have challenges but spend most of their days preparing for their success,  refining and developing their skills . 2 Those who have challenges but spend most of their days waiting for someone to save them and complain about how hard things are. 
The more i learn about people,  and those we consider a success, to a large extent,  the more i realize that my problems weren’t really as bad as i thought,  and if people who had gone through worse,  can make it to where they are today,  and keep growing strong,  who am i to not reach those heights. There are people,  like Jim Carry that imagined beyond most,  about being a highly paid comedian,  in a time of critical financial troubles at home. Where i am from , financial trouble meant getting any job to get by,  dreams arent anything to live by. He did it,  and that’s my idea of creating each day towards your ‘ over night success ‘, absolute faith!


Life is a beautiful blessing 

Do you ever just give yourself time to really be in the present moment. To smell the air,  walk and feel your legs,  look at the sky and be aware of Gods marvellous creation.

Being human  means more than just getting things and achieving things, sometimes,  its about being happy and sharing that joy with others. 

Let go of things you” have to do “and for moments at a time,  appreciate what you have and this amazing environment you’ve chosen to be in.

#Coming soon


Why learn to control your thoughts
When you control your thoughts, your life makes sense. Thoughts are things of scattered ideas, memories, and observations. When you teach yourself to be in the present, think in the present, live in the present, a sense of calm comes over you, because let‚Äôs face, now is all that exists, and your now is what creates your tomorrow. It‚Äôs very easy to get lost in thought, and that is when you think based on what you see and hear, and that creates more of what you’re observing. Having more control over your thought life can help you achieve control over your life and not just reacting but responding with intent to situations. The difference between reacting and responding to situations is, if you find yourself treated unfairly, you can in that space to choose to either express yourself in anger in the moment or take in the emotions and take it out on somebody else or responding and being present, and finding the best way to respond to get what it is that you are wanting. 

When you respond to situations and people presently, you make better choices better then. You ensure that you do not hear no as a final result, especially when it’s something you really want, Yes, should be the vibrational pathway you are focusing on.