Mind your own business

Your New Year’s resolution should make minding your own business a necessity. It’s  very easy to get distracted by looking into the lives of others, admiring, judging, making talking about other’s progress or downfall a habit. Not saying it’s bad or good, maybe it  works for you… What I am saying is that if you […]

No story to tell, just facts

The main point of this blog is to be the voice that reminds people that they have a say in what happens in their lives, they can choose thoughts and beliefs and therefore actions, that serve them. Eg, if you’ve always believed that you have to suffer to get the things that you want in […]

Blue Watch 

As i picked you up,  with a broken belt, a thought crossed my mind,  and i remembered that the present can tell you what you ‘have’ to do,  and the future can tell you what you want to do.  I look at my present and i see just want i want out of life and […]

Everyday is of your own creation 

I first came across the idea of the power of now,  from Echart Tolle,  from his books: A  New Earth, from this book, i learnt that there lies emense power in our now.  When someone said to me,  you wont have it then,  if can’t do it now,  i never understood,  because i felt limited […]

Life is a beautiful blessing 

Do you ever just give yourself time to really be in the present moment. To smell the air,  walk and feel your legs,  look at the sky and be aware of Gods marvellous creation. Being human  means more than just getting things and achieving things, sometimes,  its about being happy and sharing that joy with […]